Google Play Protect gets a boost to prevent harmful apps from installing

The modern world has been greatly enhanced by mobile devices, which have made it possible for us to do anything from pay bills online and make in-store purchases to save passwords, financial information, medical records, and images. Users spent over 100 billion hours using purchasing apps, and app categories including banking saw YoY growth of 25% as a result of the pandemic, as per reports. All Android devices with Google Play services activated have built-in, proactive security against malware and unwanted apps called Google Play Protect.

To help shield you from malware and undesirable software, Google Play Protect analyzes 125 billion apps every day. Google Play Protect may take specific steps, including warning you, blocking the installation of the app, or automatically disabling it, if it discovers an app that may be hazardous. Cybercriminals are employing new dangerous apps that aren’t available on Google Play to infect more devices with polymorphic malware, which can alter a device’s distinguishable features, in an attempt to evade detection by services like Play Protect. Hence, in addition to providing protection within Google Play, Protect has always been available to users.

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With the added ability to scan codes in real-time to battle newly discovered dangerous apps, Google Play Protect’s security features are now much more potent. App-specific critical signals will be extracted by scanning and forwarded to the Play Protect backend infrastructure for a code-level assessment. Installing apps outside of the Play Store or through it does not affect the malware protection that Google Play Protect offers for Android devices with Google Play Services. The scanning intelligence or data that was already available and used similarity comparisons, machine learning, or other methods to flag the app as suspicious was used nonetheless for those real-time inspections.

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However, you won’t have to wait long to witness Google Play Protect’s improved version in action. In certain selected regions, like India, Google has verified that the rollout has already begun for all eligible Android smartphones within a few months, and it will gradually extend to others. In addition to analyzing thousands of signals and comparing app behavior, Google’s machine learning algorithms and security safeguards pick up knowledge from every app that is submitted to Google for review. With every detected app, Google Play Protect becomes better and better, enabling us to fortify our defenses across the whole Android ecosystem.

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