Google to Bring New “Safe Navigation” & “Password Hidden” Feature to Android

Google provides several applications that have some useful features that improve the Android ecosystem and give users a smoother experience. Currently, there are a number of applications that Google designs that come with every Android device, for instance, Gmail, Weather, Google Apps, and many more. Here we will talk about the Google Play services.

For your information, the Google Play Service is the central application of Android devices, which brings support for different functions for applications and comes preinstalled with all Android smartphones and tablets. It is constantly updated by Big G to ensure compatibility with more features, and the news is also about two new features that will be available for the application in the upcoming days.

Several features are available in the application that are still hidden, but thanks to insiders, two hidden features have been reported that will provide more safety and also make the login procedure more convenient. The first feature is Android-safe browsing, and the second one is a password manager.

According to Google News EN, the Android safe browsing feature is designed to provide alerts about threats from dangerous websites. It is also noticed that the feature requires Google Play protection to be enabled and shows a list of support apps. If you want to use this feature, then you have to follow the path, which will be located at the path: Open the settings and select security and privacy, then tap on the more security and privacy options.

According to Assemble Debug, Google will bring a clean sign-in option, which brings more convenience to the users to log into any application. The tipster has found that Google has prepared a password manager feature that is hidden in the Google account settings. However, it is not clear what the correct use of these features is, but at first sight, it looks like it will provide more options to manage passkeys.

Both new features will be available for Google Play Services beta users with version number 23.41.13. To try all these features, you have to join the beta program. To do it, you just have to go to the dedicated page and scroll down, then tap on the join button. You will receive a new update within some minutes. Now install it and enjoy the features. 

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