Galaxy Watches get Gmail support, and one more Google app is on the way

Google is continuously working towards making the interconnectivity of the devices more smooth. To do so, the company has introduced its optimized Android OS for different devices, including smartwatches, TVs, and more. If we take the example of WearOS, which is especially designed for smartwatches and brings several useful features to the watches, the Galaxy Watches including Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Watch 5, and Galaxy Watch 6 Series are also getting advantages from it. Now there are seven new apps that are coming soon for the devices.

New Google applications are coming

Google offers a wide range of applications that are commonly used by users in daily life, such as Gmail, Google, and Calendar. Earlier, these applications were limited to smartphones, but now smartwatches are also getting them. Let’s know about their uses.

Now users will easily manage their inbox; it will allow them to read emails directly from the watch and use other options like reply, star, mark as unread, delete, or archive without the need for a phone. Previously, users were only able to see the notification of the app on the Galaxy Watch, but now they will get access to full application features as the official app is now available. You can easily download the application from the Play Store on your Galaxy Watch.

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Meanwhile, Google may take some time to introduce the Google Calendar for watches, but whenever it is officially available, users will get several useful features, like the ability to view your 30-day schedule, get notifications of upcoming events and tasks, and also start navigation to your meetings with Google Maps.

Galaxy Watch users can access some fresh applications from third parties

Here are some more applications that will give you more utility options for your smartwatches:

AllTrails: This application is designed to give you ease of access to trail maps, stats, and alerts on your watch so you can enjoy your adventure. It will run on your wrist directly without the need of a phone.

Audible: Audible is an application designed by Amazon; it brings an audiobook library to your wrist. You can listen to all the stuff on your watch without needing a phone.

MyFitnessPal: This application is designed to give you true nutrition value tracking with your watch. You can customize its access with both watch face complications and tile options.

Peloton: It brings you tracking workouts in a one-tap process. You can add a new watch face for easy access. This can also be added to the watch face, and you can start tracking workouts directly from your watch.

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