Google Play Service gets September 2023 update

Google is back with new system app updates. It is worth noticing that every month, new features for its stock applications include the Google Play Store, Google Play Services, and many more. These updates are not only limited to smartphones; they also update more Android OS-supported devices, including Android TVs, WearOS, Android Auto, and many more.

Previously, the company rolled out the update to the Google Play Store, where it introduced a new settings page that improves the way you manage your survey choices and preferences. This improvement will be available in the new version of the app, v37.4.

Google Play service September 2023 update

After updating the Play Store, Google is now updating its services app, which provides a platform for different services for the system, such as providing new features without any major OS updates and many more.

With the new update, Google has added a new pin protocol for the Fido2 Android Platform, which will boost the overall security and privacy of your device. This will be effective only on Android smartphones.

Google Play System September 2023 update brings new changes for Play Store

On smartphones, wallet service will get a new feature, one of which is a new email preference. It will offer you better card management in Japan. Along with this, the update will bring improvements to the services for better network usage and privacy and also change the terms of service for auto-updates in the setup screen.

All these new features will be available for you with the new update to Google Play Services with version number 23.35. Most of the time it will get automatically updated, but if it has not been updated yet, you can also manually update it.

How to update Google Play services to the latest version

  • Go to the system settings.
  • Now touch the apps section.
  • Search for Google Play Services and tap on it.
  • Now click on app details; it will redirect you to the Google Play Store.
  • Here, if you see the new update, tap the button. 

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