Google Play Protect is wrong with two Samsung apps

All Android handsets have Google Play Protect turned on, which is an integrated defense against malware and undesirable apps that is accessible through Google Play Services. According to the business, Play Protect checks 125 billion applications every day for malware. If it discovers an app that might be hazardous, Google Play Protect notifies users, blocks the installation of the app, or disables it immediately. There have been several online complaints from customers for the past few days who have noticed a risk warning for the two well-known programs from Samsung that Google Play Protect has identified as hazardous.

Two of those well-known programs are nothing but Samsung Messages and Samsung Wallet. A device security pop-up stating that Samsung Messages is a “harmful app” was also produced by the mistake. The issue was brought up on the Google and Samsung forums, and it appears that the Google Play Protect alert mostly affects Samsung Wallet users. The case is that consumers get a notice in the Google Play Store asking them that the apps are dangerous and should be erased. You have a doubt that Google Messages has now displaced Samsung Messages for many Galaxy users, but still many individuals use it.

The momentary outage of Google’s servers and the Play Protect function appear to be related to the previously described problem. It may still be a problem for certain Galaxy device owners, even if it has been addressed. The Samsung Messages problem may still affect owners of Galaxy devices equipped with the Play Protect function, which disables harmful apps automatically. This is according to a recent community post from Samsung. It seems that the issue still has not been fully fixed, and users who are still unable to access the two programs can follow the necessary steps to resume using them. Also, it is unclear what the issue actually is and how deeply it is related to the application.

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