Steam Link App Discontinued on Samsung TVs

The Steam Link app will no longer be accessible on Samsung TVs after November 2023, as per the announcement made by Valve earlier this month. On Samsung TVs, a notice is now appearing indicating that the Steam Link will not be available after November 30. Many Android devices and Apple TVs can still utilize the Steam Link app, states Valve. In 2015, the Steam Link dongle was introduced; however, it was withdrawn in 2018 in favor of the app.

When Samsung launched its Gaming Hub, which concentrated on cloud gaming services such as those from Xbox and Nvidia GeForce Now, it ceased supporting the Steam Link app on newer TVs. It was 2017 when Samsung first introduced the software to its televisions. On Android devices, such as the Nvidia Shield or Amazon Fire TV, users may use the Steam Link app, according to Steam. Though consumers’ experiences with the Steam Link app on Samsung TVs have been inconsistent, it may have appeared like a good substitute for the dongle.

Certain Samsung TV customers have reported issues such as their app freezing while attempting to stream at a quality higher than 1080p. Several others have reported that the right thumbstick on their controller controls the TV’s volume. With the Steam Deck, Steam has made a comeback in the hardware market. However, in the future, it will consider releasing a new version of the Steam Link dongle. This may allow users to stream their Steam game collection on TVs and displays using a first-party dongle instead of relying on shaky applications.

What does the Steam link actually offer?

By replicating the experience of your current gaming machine on your TV, Steam Link is meant to maximize the power currently in your house. Your PC sends audio and video files to the Steam Link, and the device instantly sends back any controller input. Users may wirelessly stream PC games to other devices, such as a TV or phone, from their Steam library by using this service.

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