Galaxy Buds2 Pro Can Now Be Paired Auracast With Samsung TVs

In September, Samsung Electronics revealed that a new update will add Auracast broadcast audio technology to the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, the 2023 Neo QLED 8K, and the 2023 Micro LED smart TVs. The manufacturer has been utilizing a new LE Audio-based feature that enables enhancement of sound experiences. With more sophisticated and deeper sound and a more advanced Bluetooth audio standard, LE Audio extends the range of audio experiences, allowing users to share their own audio experiences with others. The new Auracast function is just one example of how the firm connects products and services to provide consumers with fresh experiences.

The 360-degree audio recording feature makes it possible for Galaxy smartphone users to record sound on video exactly as they hear it without the need for special equipment. Some Galaxy Book 3 devices offer better latency and a clearer hearing experience, which are notable features for immersive gaming and video consumption. The business continues to demonstrate that Auracast can effectively transform a user’s device into a shared radio station that is capable of broadcasting sound across numerous connected products.

Consumers may connect many Buds 2 Pros to a single television through Auracast, which makes use of LE Audio technology. The increased number might change depending on surrounding circumstances, including distance and impediments. Assistive listening in a theater or lecture hall for those who want to hear better, sharing a playlist from your smartphone while out for a run with friends, and even multi-language support without translation devices are all made possible by Auracast.

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Junho Park, VP and Head of Galaxy Ecosystem Product Planning Team, MX Business at Samsung Electronics, stated, As an innovator across a wide range of electronic devices—from smartphones to wearables, and from TVs to home appliances—we at Samsung are in a unique position to capitalize on delivering more seamless and extended experiences. Samsung’s connected experiences will be presented during the IFA show this year, which will be hosted in Berlin from September 1–5.

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