Galaxy Buds 2 Pro new update brings Ambient Sound feature in Canada and Europe

On the occasion of Global accessibility awareness day, Samsung announced that it would bring an important addition to the Ambient sound function, and keeping its promise, the company has rolled out the Ambient sound function with some extra novelty.

Initially, the company released the update in its home country, and now it is expanding the update to Canada and European regions. According to the information, the latest update for the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro is expanding in Europe and Canada with firmware version R510XXU0AWF4. 

Samsung Earbuds 2 Pro new update comes with new features

Samsung has added some improvements to the Galaxy earbuds, which will help you in different conditions, like a sharpened call sound feature added which brings more clarity to the sound by eradicating the extra noise of your surroundings. To enhance hearing, you will know the ambient sound volume is also increased. After installing the update, you can increase the volume up to level 5. The update also brings improvements for the proper stability of the functions.


To install the latest update, first, ensure the earbuds are connected to the device, then go to the Galaxy wearable app on the connected phone, now tap on the earbuds software update, then tap the Download and Install button. During the process, the earbuds may disconnect from the phone, but after the update is installed properly, they will connect automatically.

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