Galaxy Foldables and Tablets Get Productivity Boost with New App Optimizations

Google is working fairly hard to optimize its applications for large-screen devices, including tablets and foldables. Recently, the Big G has released its new Pixel Fold and Tablet device, and due to this, the company will focus a bit extra on the enhancement for large screen devices. This is already happening as Google is starting to make its first-party applications, and other third-party applications are also coming with more precise features for large-screen devices. Gmail is more enhanced for multitasking.


Gmail is the most commonly used application in the world and provides many options for messaging with a professional touch. However, there is still a lot of potential to be unlocked for better communication services so as to bring more useful features and make it more reliable. Google is gradually rolling out new changes for the apps with the latest updates.

With the new changes, Google has rolled out a fresh update for Gmail, which will allow it to open the links on the split screen. In simple words, when you click a link in any email, it will now open in a side-by-side window instead of taking over the entire screen. The page link will open in Chrome on the right side of the screen, and at the same time, the main screen of the email with a multi-window view will be adjusted to just the message body.

Google Docs

Google Docs is a writing partner. It is fully inspired by MS Word and Notepad. The most special thing about this application is that it can be accessed from anywhere and on any device. You can enjoy all the features related to writing, like styling, fonts, and many more. The formatting toolbar is more visible; you will see a cursor, and you can tap once to see an on-screen keyboard if no physical keyboard is attached to your device.


Zoom is a very popular application for video calling. It provides several features with a user-friendly interface that are mostly used for meetings. To make it more convincing for users, the application has introduced a tabletop mode, which enables you to take a Zoom meeting hands-free on your phone.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader is an application that provides a reading-friendly interface and also provides several features, such as editing PDF text and images, comparing PDFs and redacting sensitive information, and converting PDFs into file types like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. On a large-screen device, you can use the application more smoothly. You can use the application in split-screen mode to do multiple things at once, and you can also drag and drop PDF files from a separate app to open and read them in Acrobat.


Dropbox has also renewed its interface for tablets and foldables. The layout now automatically resizes to best fit the screen, and to bring more convenience, the app also supports the ability to connect an external mouse and keyboard to your device.


Evernote, as the name suggests, is a note-taking application, but with the latest development, the application is offering more new features like saving documents and handwriting notes, which are available in the sketch feature. But if you want to see the application’s full potential, you can run the application on tablets or foldable devices, where if you use it in landscape mode, you will now see a two-pan layout, similar to how the app works on a desktop computer. The application has also received improvements and is now more compatible with big-screen devices.


Todoist is a task management application that provides many useful features that help you add new tasks and manage them as you plan. The developer of the application has made the interface of the application very simple, so any user can use it conveniently. For big-screen devices, the interface of the application makes it easier to reach navigational elements such as your settings or inbox, making it simpler to move through the app.

How do I get all these applications?

All these applications are available for tablets and foldable devices. You can easily download the application from the Google Play Store. We have already given the direct link on the name of each application, which will redirect you to the main page of the applications and provide a link where you can easily download or update them.

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