Samsung Provides Solution for Recent Messages ‘Harmful App’ Error

A Samsung Messages problem prevented certain Galaxy smartphone users from accessing the app. For individuals or groups, Samsung Messages allows you to compose and schedule messages. Using vibrant backdrops to customize your messages and share multimedia are other features of the app. A lot of users have gotten confused, thinking the problem pops up on their phone or that this is an issue within the application. A device security pop-up stating that Samsung Messages is a “harmful app” was also produced by the mistake.

It seems that the issue was caused by a brief outage on Google’s servers. The aforementioned issue seems to be connected to Google’s servers’ brief outage and the Play Protect function. Although it has been fixed now, certain users of Galaxy devices could still be experiencing this problem. Users of Galaxy smartphones who have the Play Protect feature, which automatically blocks malicious apps, may still experience the Samsung Messages issue, as Samsung notes in a new community post.

Samsung Releases a New Update for Galaxy Store App

To answer all these usersdoubts, Samsung suggests resetting app options if the misbehaving Messages app persists. It advises the users who detected the issue to follow the steps.

  • Open your Galaxy device’s Settings app to accomplish this.
  • Next, go to “Apps,” select “Reset app preferences,” and then hit “Reset” to confirm. ‘
  • You can also tap the three-dot menu icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.

App notification limits, background data restrictions, permission restrictions, and preferences for deactivated applications will all be reset by doing this operation. Users don’t need to worry, as they won’t lose any of your current app data. So they should be able to use the Messages app once more after following these procedures, as per Samsung’s response.

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