Samsung Good Lock’s Nice Shot Plugin Updated with New Features

‘Nice Shot,’ one of the most useful modules placed inside the Good Lock application To enhance the users’ screenshot UI experience, this module offers customization options for consumers. And now Samsung is delivering a new update for this Nice Shot module.

The latest for the Nice Shot came to be known with its unique build number, which is v2.2.01, so interested parties can easily find the update by this version number. Due to the size of the installation package for this update, 9.69 MB, it seems that nothing major has arrived with this update.

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In the official changelog, the brand mentioned that the latest update for Nice Shot, along with the version number v2.2.01, brings support for the Japanese language. This means it is a minor update and does not bring new enhancements to the module. Apart from this, the bugs and known issues that were spotted in the previous version were fixed with the update. The reliability and compatibility also increased, which led to better performance and enhanced the user’s seamless experience.

Nice Shot allows users to disable cropping suggestions while editing alongside an additional delete button, which displays each time after taking a screenshot. It also permits the users to change the size of the selfie videos that they have captured, along with the capability to add virtual colored backgrounds.

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The interesting fact about Nice Shot is that it prevents all notifications once the screen recorder gets started by authorizing the Do Not Disturb feature itself. It saves the Galaxy users’ privacy by forcing the screen recorder not to capture sensitive notifications and messages that come while screen capturing.

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