Telegram brings new year features for enhance utilities including calls and bots

Telegram is one of the most active applications that frequently introduces new features for its users. In the last couple of months, the developer team has provided whole new services and comfortability to use the application for different things, including marketing, chatting, and other content distribution functions. Now,  with more new features, the company has started rolling out a new update for the application.

Telegram’s latest update brings new features to enhance calls and its built-in bot functionalities:

Enhanced call background: Telegram calls brought you all the basic features of connecting each other with voice and video calls; now, with the new update, you will get a more enhanced experience when making any call. It has redesigned the background of the call and added new animations and beautiful backgrounds with the capability to change dynamically according to the call status. The feature is also now more optimized, so it is now more power-efficient.

The Telegram bot now supports reaction and much more. Telegram is the first of its segment applications that has started bots to bring automation services to its users. Now,  with the latest update, Telegram has power-up the bots and made them able to react to messages, manage reactions, quotes, and links, send replies to other chats or topics, and much more.

Thanos Snap effect when deleting messages: Now users will get a vaporizer animation for auto-deleted messages. Earlier,  it was in the experimental stage for iOS devices, but now it is available publicly for both iOS and Android users.

Telegram has started rolling out this update in the last couple of days, and it may be available on all devices for the public. So to get the latest update, you can check the Play Store.

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