Google Maps will report the location of speed breakers

Speed breakers will be mapped on Google Maps as an application, as the road department and traffic management department determined in their meeting. The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has chosen to provide information on speed breakers as an application on Google Maps in order to help citizens and the government. There are two significant catches: Google Maps may soon be the first app to get speed bump data. Limited availability per region is the first drawback.

By working with digital firms, Pune officials in India may be able to connect Google Maps and other solutions to a speed bump location database. The authorities have been searching for a means to include speed bump information in navigation apps. The second challenge lies in determining how the data will be displayed on Google Maps. Google Maps may merely indicate the position of the speed bump on the map, as opposed to bombarding the vehicle with traffic danger alerts as Waze does.

By alerting users to impending speed bumps via the screen, Waze may provide a more beneficial integration. These lane markings, which are meant to restrict speeding in particular zones, frequently result in collisions due to factors like low visibility. The PMC has taken the initiative to provide Google Maps with the exact position of each speed breaker, seeing the necessity of solving this issue. The software will alert users when there are impending speed limit signs, giving them enough time to adjust and reduce their pace.

The majority of regular people, taxi drivers, and other ride-sharing businesses use Google Maps, according to PMC. In addition, a lot of contemporary automobiles have GPS or a comparable mapping system installed. The PMC wants to stop speed breakers from causing accidents and bumpy trips by using this technology. Although the formal implementation schedule for the new feature is currently unknown, it is obvious that additional Indian cities may choose to implement it before it is potentially implemented worldwide, if it proves beneficial.

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