Meta Removes Screen Mirroring option from Quest Headsets

Casting your VR activity to a Chromecast-enabled TV has made it simple to share it with others ever since the first Meta Quest. Players of Meta Quest now have the option to cast exclusively to a computer or smartphone, as many users on social media have sadly reported that the feature is no longer available. Chromecast is being removed from the TV mirroring option in Meta Quest 3, primarily as noticed by Android Central. Reddit users who own Quests report that the update v60 appears to have implemented the adjustment. Apparently, this isn’t having the same impact in Quest 2.

For the previous several generations, Quest devices have had Chromecast compatibility in addition to other TV mirroring alternatives like Miracast, although it appears to be dwindling. It’s evident that this isn’t a one-time hiccup since Meta revised a help page last week about Quest mirroring to state that ‚ÄúChromecast is not completely supported with Meta Quest,” which makes sure there is no concern relating to either software or hardware. When you first obtain Meta Quest 3, casting is one of the best things you should do with it. However, it’s not clear why Meta appears to be deleting the function rather than urging users to try the new technique.

As per reports, this modification just impacts primary accounts, since other accounts on the headset will see the option to mirror the broadcast on Chromecast devices. No explanation for Meta’s decision to make this modification is currently available. The business may be acting because the feature that allows users to cast footage from a VR headset to Chromecast devices malfunctions and occasionally crashes.

Note that there are certain advantages to the new procedure, even if it involves more stages than the straightforward casting method in the past. VR users are still able to record films and capture pictures by turning to the Meta Quest app. When casting directly to a Chromecast, this functionality was deactivated. Direct recording using the Meta Quest app on a phone or tablet is another option.

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