WhatsApp removes unlimited backup to Google Drive

WhatsApp was one of the top social media applications last year, which received a plethora of new changes for its usability, which are mostly in the favor of its users, but with the new beta update, the company has brought a change that will bring limitations for backing up its chat storage.

WhatsApp no longer supports unlimited Google Drive storage

As we said earlier, WhatsApp will no longer get unlimited access to Google Drive storage for backup storage. This all came to the surface when both companies decided that now there is a limit to backup WhatsApp chats under the 15 GB of free storage criteria. Now the devices will have to pay to get more storage on the cloud, i.e., G Drive.

It is worth noticing that the 15 GB of storage that is still free for backing up the WhatsApp chat storage will be the same that is available for uploading all your other data, including Gmail messages, documents, and other files that you want to upload.

When will the new change be implemented?

The storage limit will be implemented within some updates, as it is already detected on the beta version of WhatsApp, which means the company is still testing it. However, WhatsApp hasn’t provided any exact date when it will change the limit, but it will be notified to users before 30 days of implementation. As far as expectations go, this may be available in the first half of this year. To experience this change, you can now check the latest WhatsApp beta update.

How do I install the new beta update?

WhatsApp beta updates will be available directly to users who have already enrolled in the beta program. If you haven’t joined the program yet, you still have a chance to do so. Just go to the official WhatsApp page on the Google Play Store through this link. Then scroll down and click on the join program button. Once you do it, the application will get a new update within some time. Just install it and get all the features. Alternatively, users can also sideload the latest beta version through this link.

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