WhatsApp Backups No Longer Unlimited on Google Drive

WhatsApp and Google entered into a partnership in 2018 that allows for limitless free cloud backups in Google Drive. Users who had been hampered by Google Drive storage restrictions were relieved by this change, which made it easier for them to better organize their papers, backups from WhatsApp, and images. But this convenience is about to stop since Google will soon start detecting backups of WhatsApp chat histories from Android users allotted cloud storage. Android users will now have to be extra careful about how they handle their WhatsApp backups to make sure they don’t go over Google Drive’s 15 GB free cloud storage limit.

The 15 GB of free cloud storage that Google offers for Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos is the reason why many WhatsApp users need to subscribe to Google’s premium cloud storage plans. Additionally, WhatsApp backups will begin to count against your Google account cloud storage limit. Users of WhatsApp beta will begin to notice the change in December 2023, and all Android users will in early 2024. Backups will be included in the 15 GB of free storage that is shared by Drive, Gmail, and photos. When a user’s storage capacity is reached, they must make room for more backup or look at Google One.

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This change suggests a major change in the way consumers experience backups on Android, bringing it into compliance with iOS backup practices. Google also offers a number of storage management options, such as the ability to discover and remove huge files and photographs with a single tap, to assist customers in clearing up space on their accounts. In order to minimize the amount of space used by upcoming backups, users can also remove items from WhatsApp. Additional storage choices are also available from Google through its Google One subscription service, which starts at Rs 149 for 100 GB of storage per month.

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