Telegram Update: New Revolution for Answers, Multiple Citations, and More

Telegram is one of the most innovative social media applications, and the developer team has also brought some revolutionary changes to the field. From the very beginning, it has received several new features that are appreciated by users; therefore, it has recorded exponential growth, and to bring more engagement and a good experience for the users, the company brings several new features from time to time. Earlier, the application grabbed several significant features at the time of its birthday, and now, once again, to bring a new revolution to chatting, it has rolled out some more helpful functions for the users. Let’s discuss all of them.

Telegram users will get useful features for chatting

Telegram is rolling out several useful changes in the application that will help users have conversations that are more precise and customizable; more specifically, the reply function, quote formatting, link previews, and many more.

Reply 2.0: Telegram was the first messaging app that introduced the reply to an individual message, which makes users respond to a specific message. To add more institutions, the company has expanded the functionalities, and users can now quote specific parts of any message to respond more precisely. Additionally, replies can also be sent to other chats, so you can easily reply privately or move the discussion to a different group or channel. When anyone taps on the message, it redirects to the original chat if access is opened.

Quote Formatting: You can also format the quote text and change it to another font, like Bold, Italic, etc. To do this, you just have to tap and hold the text, and then you will see a context menu with all the formatting options.

Customizable link previews: Whenever you share any web content with anyone, it is present in a proper format that gives a preview to you and the recipient with a lot of information, like preview images and descriptions. With the new update, you will be able to customize it according to your suite. There are two options available, such as shrinking the photo and moving the photo up or down.

Reply, Forwarding, and Link Settings: Whenever you’re replying when forwarding messages, including links in a reply, or doing all three together, you can now access all settings using the new tabs in the menu.

Account colors: Users who are using Telegram Premium will get more customizability for their account as now they will easily choose a color or color combination for their account, which will change your name color in all groups, any links you send, as well as replies to your messages. As well, you can also customize the background of your messages with solid colors and combinations.

Story improvements: With the new update, you will get more enhancements for the stories. Now you can easily rewind and fast-forward videos by simply holding down on the screen and then sliding right or left. Additionally, for better selfies, you can use the front flash with flexible settings for warmth and intensity.

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