Samsung Weather Widget Gets New Update with Improved UI

Samsung is constantly rolling out new updates for applications. The Korean giant has recently rolled out several updates for different stock applications, including the Clock app, Good GuardiansGalaxy App Booster, and many more. In the recent update, the company has brought compatibility. Now it is sending a new update for the Samsung Weather widget to bring more improvements.

Weather widget update

The weather widget is one of the most useful widgets on Samsung, as it offers you different features related to weather forecasts. Initially, it was introduced as a basic weather application, but with several updates, it has received several new features to bring a better experience to the users. To enhance all these functions, the company has rolled out a new update for the applications, which comes with version number It is worth noticing that the update is now available for those Galaxy devices running on Android 9.0 to Android 13.

Users who own Galaxy devices with the abovementioned specifications should receive the update to install it on the device via the Galaxy Store. If you haven’t received the latest update yet, you can update it from an external source as well.

The Samsung Weather widget is a basic widget that offers several features for giving proper weather information for the application. With the widget, you can decorate your home screen. It is very optimized for Galaxy devices, so you can check the weather of any location you like easily and conveniently, and inside the widget, you will get several services related to weather forecasts, like current weather, hourly forecasts, weekly forecasts, and weather indices that help you plan your daily routine.

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