Google Messages brings Photomoji, custom colors, and profiles to celebrate the billion RCS users

RCS has been a subject of conversation for some time now. It has emerged as a more efficient and safe communication protocol for Android smartphones, replacing the antiquated and conventional SMS and MMS protocols.

All credit goes to Google Messages; it has become so popular that it now boasts slightly more than one billion active users monthly. In a joint press statement, Google celebrated the compliment and expressed gratitude to its partners and users who have embraced RCS over time.

The search engine behemoth is launching new entertaining ways to enhance Google Messages and the RCS experience on Android phones, in addition to celebrating reaching one billion active users.

New features of Google Messages:

  • With the aid of on-device Google AI, Photomoji enables you to convert your most beloved photographs into responses. Take a picture, pick an object to make into a photomoji, and then click send to finish the process. Not only may your friends utilize the photomoji you send them in group conversations, but your creations will also be preserved in a dedicated area for future use.
  • Voice communications are made more engaging by moods. With nine distinct mood options, you may have the receiver hear both your words and the visual impact that conveys how you’re feeling at that moment.
  • Your words will become stunning visual displays when you use screen effects to bring your messages to life with colorful animations. Try to find all 15+ hidden Screen Effects prompt phrases.
  • You may alter the conversational background and bubble color, as well as the person you are speaking with, with the new Custom Bubbles feature. You can now distinguish between discussions; you won’t unintentionally message other chats.
  • A feature of your messaging experience that gives your chats additional energy is called reaction effects. A trio of animated hands dance around the message bubble when you respond to the message with the simple thumbs-up emoji; this is a magical feature.
  • When it comes to texting, animated emoji go above and beyond by adding an eye-catching explosion of visual effects to every message.
  • You may customize the phone number associated with your profile, including the image, by using Profiles. This fixation involves getting messages from phone numbers that are not stored in your contacts. This is especially helpful in group conversations, since it allows you to know who is in the group.

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Certain aspects of the Google Messenger app are already beginning to roll out today, so Google encourages you to sign up for the beta version. It is advisable to get the most recent version of the program from the Google Play Store, as certain features are also accessible in the stable version.

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