Google Chrome’s Powerful Upgrades Put Privacy First

Google is rolling out new features to Chrome that are targeted at improving security and performance. Users will truly find a new experience with these new features included.

An increasingly proactive and customized safety check:

  • Chrome’s safety check will now launch automatically in the background on desktop computers.
  • You will receive proactive alerts informing you if any of your extensions are potentially dangerous, if your Chrome version is older than the current one, or if your site permissions require maintenance, and whether passwords saved in Chrome have been hacked.
  • To help you take action, these notifications will show up in Chrome’s three-dot menu.
  • We are expanding Safety Check to remove rights from websites that haven’t been visited in a while, such as access to your location or microphone.
  • Also, Safety Check can now detect and identify notifications from websites you don’t frequently visit, making it simple for you to turn them off.

More intelligent performance limits:

  • To help Chrome on desktops function even more smoothly, Google introduced performance options last year, such as memory saver mode.
  • When you hover over them in Memory Saver mode, you can now find more information about your tabs’ memory usage, including possible memory savings while they are inactive.
  • Additionally, it is simpler to designate websites that ought to be live at all times.
  • Go to your settings, find the Performance section, and toggle Memory Saver on to activate Memory Saver mode.

Tab groupings that are saved:

  • When you’re searching for something specific, like gifts from several websites, tab groups come in handy as a method to tidy and arrange your tabs in Chrome.
  • You’ll be able to store tab groups in Chrome for desktop over the next few weeks, allowing you to access them on other desktop computers and quickly resume your tasks.
  • Close-up of a Chrome tab group labeled “Gift Ideas” with the “Save Group” checkbox enabled to see the group on a different device.
  • Early in the new year, the firm intends to release smarter and more useful features for Chrome, driven by our new AI model, Gemini.