Google Chrome now supports new modes on Galaxy Book

Chrome is one of the world’s most popular browsers at present, initiated by the search engine giant Google. It is the most suitable browsing option if you think about multi-tab browsing. However, the good news is that Chrome is getting the Memory and Energy saving modes for Windows, Chromebooks, macOS, and Galaxy Books. These modes will improve the browser and its performance. Both of these modes’ distribution is now started for the respective devices.

Let you know with the Memory Saver mode, your Chrome browser will free up the memory which is used by the inactive modes and enhance the performance of currently active tabs, along with providing a clean and improved experience. We can say that this feature works similarly to Microsoft Edge’s Sleeping Tab feature. This mode will also let you select popular websites to exempt them from memory clean-up. To find this mode, just go to the browser’s Settings menu on your device.

Coming to the Energy Saving feature will deduct the power consumption just by minimizing the background activity. This intelligent feature gets activated in case your laptop’s battery is 20% or less and protects the device from heavy battery use. But remember, the Energy Saving mode will reduce animations’ quality, make scrolling rough, and deduct the video framing rates to save the battery. As per Google’s official blog post, both modes will be rolled out on eligible devices within the upcoming few weeks.