Samsung deploys over 10,000 Verizon vRAN 5G cell site

In this era of digital technologies, the network also seems continuous to cultivate. As the evolution is in its progress, it’s hard for network operators to keep up with the pace and to provide a better-than-before network service to their customers. In this order, the vRAN technology must be proven as a great help. In order to provide this network to the users, Samsung has been working on a partnership with Verizon in the past. Now let’s take a brief look at this technology vRAN.

Let you know that the vRAN technology lets the operator perform network functions and deliver services that are hard to deliver with the traditional RAN. It indicates that RAN will make network tasks quick and easy for Mobile Network Operators (MNO) as compared to the past. At needy times, this technology is also able to use resources to add capacity and processing on the fly. It is basically a conversion of the broadband unit (BBU) from purpose-built hardware into software.

Verizon is a well-known user of vRAN in its mobile network. They had crossed the 8,000 deployments of commercial vRAN sites with the help of Samsung just three months ago. Today they have reached the milestone of 10,000 deployments and aim for 20,000 deployments by the year 2025. This offers Verizon’s customers new and innovative services that too quickly. Samsung has completely supported Verizon at every turn of this journey to reach this milestone.

The vRAN that has emerged as a result of Samsung and Verizon’s partnership also has many plus points together. It is cloud-native, 100% virtualized, uses a standardized interface, performs better than traditional networks, is O-RAN compliant, able to run 2G, 4G, and 5G all networks, and is also capable of operating 4G and 5G together at the same time. It is also eco-friendly, as it reduces power consumption by turning off the energy that is needed by antennas, amplifiers, and cell sites.

Going forward to its abilities, it supports the single-band, dual-band, and Massive MIMO radios along with the wide range of FDD and TDD spectrum bands such as C-Band, CBRS, PCS, AWS, and other low- and mid-band spectrum. It clearly shows that Samsung is the global leader in this league due to being the first one to deliver a complete end-to-end 5G vRAN to the market, that too from a single vendor.

Let you know that the South Korean manufacturer “Samsung” has deployed this vRAN service in North America, Europe, and Asia with the Tier 1 operators of these respective areas. Afterward, the company announced that they intend to expand its deployment in Germany and Japan regions.

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