Snapdragon X Elite: The New AI-Powered Windows Chip from Qualcomm

On Tuesday, Qualcomm unveiled two new processors that can operate AI software without an internet connection, including the large language models, or LLMs, that have captured the attention of the tech sector. Qualcomm’s X Elite chip for laptops and PCs and the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip for high-end Android phones are among the new silicon. The Snapdragon X Elite, designed specifically for Windows laptops, prioritizes AI processing and is geared to handle whatever a PC throws at it and then some. Constructed using a 4nm process, this chip is optimized to support the LPDDR5x memory standard, which is currently the fastest memory type offered in the PC market.

The X Elite’s internal CPU arrangement is an Oryon three-cluster design, each with four 3.8GHz cores. For an additional boost, particularly when tackling heavy tasks like AI creation, the 12-core CPU may raise the speed to 4.3 GHz for two cores at a time. With a 4nm system-on-a-chip and a 12-core Qualcomm Oryon CPU with single and dual-core turbo up to 4.3 GHz, the Snapdragon X Elite is said to have these specifications. It is said that the new Oryon CPU delivers up to two times faster CPU performance. The X Elite, as stated by Qualcomm, is more energy-efficient than PC CPUs from Apple and Intel and can perform some activities more quickly than Apple’s M2 Max chip, which is its targeted competitor.

The X Elite’s display capability, which supports two 5K external screens simultaneously, is one of its main selling points. The X Elite is a great choice for managing a bigger workspace off of a laptop because its onboard monitors can also achieve 4K at 120 Hz. Although the real-life performance of such a setup is still unclear, the X Elite is rated for three external UHD screens for those who require even more. By including the hexagon NPU inside, Qualcomm is likewise taking a big risk with AI. Rated at 45 TOPs, or trillion operations per second, is the neural processing unit.

Considering that Qualcomm claims the X Elite can perform 100 times faster per second than its top-tier, nameless competitor, it is reasonable to conclude that the device places a significant emphasis on AI. With intelligent operations requiring a lot of processing power to execute well, a SoC that can concentrate on AI while preserving effective cooling and battery life is essential. When compared to Intel’s 12-core i7 chip, Qualcomm claims twice as much CPU performance at the same power consumption. The 14-core i7 processor in the X Elite is said to use 65% less power to achieve the same level of performance.

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