Samsung Showcases Innovative Smart Home and Smart Park Technologies at ‘Smart Town’ Space

‘KES 2023’ (Korea Electronics Show), which will take place at COEX in Seoul from October 24 to 27, is where Samsung has planned to present a more connected smart life. A “Smart Town” area, designed by Samsung Electronics, will include cutting-edge mobile and home appliance items with key themes including energy, pet care, gaming, and health, as well as SmartThings connections. A “Smart Park” where you can view Samsung Electronics’ newest items and a “Smart House” designed to suit the many interests and preferences of families make up Smart Town.

The front door of the smart home first introduces energy-saving technology. With SmartThings, you can monitor energy use, anticipated power bills, progressive section management, and the amount of energy and carbon reduction with “AI Saving Mode” and “Carbon Intensity Insight.” Smart pet care advice is offered in the living room. Family members may utilize Home Camera 360 and Bespoke Jetbot AI to remotely play music or white noise to create a relaxing atmosphere and keep an eye on their pets’ well-being in real time while they depart.

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Furthermore, with the walk mode in “SmartThings Pet Care,” you may view your pet’s walking records with the recently announced ‘Galaxy Smart Tag 2.’’s e-Food Hall, a purchasing platform that links food and appliances at home, is situated in the kitchen. Additionally, you can use the SmartThings app to scan the barcodes of meal kits and convenience foods to access smart cooking features like Scan Cook, which configures the Bespoke Cooker’s ideal cooking temperature.

Also, we run an experience zone called Bespoke Home Meta, where you may match the decor of a virtual house made up of several concepts with the Bespoke items from Samsung Electronics to find things that fit your home. The Gaming Hub, the gaming monitor Odyssey OLED G9, which is the world’s first dual UHD resolution “Odyssey Neo G9″ with a 57-inch size, and Odyssey allow you to play a range of games in a themed area without the need for a separate console. Linking Galaxy devices, including Samsung Multi Control, Second Screen, and Quick Share, also allows you to enjoy the Galaxy ecosystem, which optimizes connectivity.

The Galaxy Watch 6 offers daily smart health management in the relaxation zone. You may receive sleep coaching to enhance the quality of your sleep in addition to having health indicators like blood pressure, heart rate, stress index, and ECG measured. A Micro LED TV was unveiled at IFA 2023 in September of last year at Smart Park, in addition to the newest mobile devices such as the Galaxy Z Flip 5, Galaxy Z Fold 5, Galaxy Tab S9 Series, and Galaxy Watch 6 Series. Innovative items like the recently released Bespoke Grande AI Washer and Dryer are on display.

Kim Seong-wook, Vice President of Samsung Electronics Korea, said, “We have prepared this exhibition so that consumers can experience the connectivity of Samsung Electronics products and SmartThings in a natural and impactful way in their daily lives that reflect their interests and tastes.” He added, “We will continue to use Samsung home appliances and mobile devices. “We will showcase a variety of technologies and services that lead innovation in everyday life through the integrated connection experience of IT devices.”

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