Samsung and TSMC Oppose Qualcomm To Announce 2nm APs

The Korean electronics giants, or Samsung Electronics, are taking essential steps to expand the 2nm foundry business. Qualcomm, the largest mobile application processor (AP) brand on the globe, has placed an order for Samsung Electronics to develop a 2nm AP.

If the reports are to be believed, Samsung is proceeding with the 2nm foundry business since Qualcomm has ordered the Korean giants to develop the 2nm application processor. However, before mass production, there is still a procedure left, but if anyhow better quality in performance and admit defeat, it will lead to the final order, so it is noteworthy.

On the 12th, the industry unveiled that Qualcomm ordered Korean Electronics to develop a 2nm AP prototype. Reports are saying that the Korean giant has decided to use the 2nm process to produce the top-of-the-line AP of Qualcomm, which is expected to be the next variant of the Snapdragon 8 series.

Prototype development is just a kind of undertaking that involves understanding semiconductor performance and being flexible. In the semiconductor industry, generally, it is about a “multi-project wafer” (MPW), which includes making multiple semiconductor prototypes on a single wafer.

On the basis of this, the semiconductor design brand will make the final decision on whether to mass-produce, the manufacturer, and the quantity. However, it is a type of sample production; it is the first step in the bulk production of semiconductors and a key procedure for bulk production. 2nm is the first attempt by Qualcomm at the process; from 2022 until now, Qualcomm has made APs with a 4nm process.

Qualcomm has also commissioned TSMC, another side of Samsung, to produce 2nm prototypes. It is also expected that Qualcomm can select a brand to entrust mass production on the basis of results from both Samsung and TSMC brands. Samsung has a great chance since Qualcomm maintains a multi-foundry strategy of using various contract manufacturing companies. TSMC is announcing ‘Gate-All-Around’ for the first time in the 2nm process.

At the end, Samsung Electronics, regarding the development of the 2nm AP of Qualcomm, stated that “we cannot confirm the details with the customer.”

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