Samsung Electronics Announced To Use CES 2024 To Introduce Newest Kitchen Products 

Samsung Electronics has assured that it will use CES 2024 to enhance the experience in the Kitchen along with the latest kitchen products, applications, and Samsung features, including AI features, SmartThings, and many more. 

Samsung is expanding its smart ecosystem to deliver enhanced and upgraded food & Kitchen experiences along with Samsung products. The reports unveiled that Samsung will announce new products and features that are in the lineup, which includes the 2024 Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator along with AI Family Hub +, which was the first home Internet of Things (IoT) refrigerator debuted back in 2016 by Korean Electronics.

As times have changed, it is now equipped with the all-new AI Vision Inside feature, the new Anyplace Induction Cooktop, and improvements to the Samsung Food service. The brand has packed the 2024 Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator with AI Family Hub + and various innovative technologies. 

The notable feature is AI Vision Inside. This feature will use a smart internal camera to visualise refrigerator items. Also, it is equipped with Vision AI technology, which can identify at least 33 different fresh food items on the basis of a predefined set of training data comprising roughly one million food photographs. 

Apart from this, along with the food list, which is available and editable on the Family Hub+ screen, the users have the power to manually add expiration date details for items that they would like to keep track of. The refrigerator sends alerts for these items from its 32-inch LCD screen before the expiration date is set. 

The brand new Anyplace Induction Cooktop and Slide-in Range are each equipped with a 7-inch LCD screen so that users can easily view the recipes that were selected and saved from the Family Hub + to assist their meal preparation. This time, the brand has offered Anti-Scratch Glass instead of a typical ceramic glass. This will also help to resist scratches on the induction surface. 

Somewhere, Samsung Food connects to Samsung Health. The feature uses the information collected from Samsung Health to suggest recipes based on the preferences and convenience of the users. Then, the users are permitted to send cooking instructions for these recipes to their various kitchen appliances with just a few key presses. 

The Tap View allows users to conveniently mirror their Galaxy smartphones’ display on the Family Hub+ screen. Users can also enjoy videos directly from the refrigerator display from the YouTube application for more information and entertainment. 

With all the brand-new AI-enabled kitchen ecosystems and providing users with spectacular and convenient kitchen experiences, Samsung aims to enhance and upgrade the Galaxy user experience. 

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