Microsoft’s AI-Powered Chat Assistant, Copilot, Is Now Available on Android

As a new enhancement for Android users, you are getting a new AI-powered chat assistant, “Copilot,” available in the Google Play Store. Undoubtedly, it takes the initiative to use chat assistants powered by Microsoft and OpenAI models, including GPT-4 and DALL·E 3.

Microsoft, without any notification, has silently debuted a dedicated ‘Copilot’ application for Android by making it available in the Google Play Store, also delivering access to the AI-powered Copilot of Microsoft, not even needing the Bing mobile application. It has come to light that Copilot on Android has been available for a couple of days, but here’s the catch: an iOS version is not available yet.

In a way, the Copilot application is quite similar to ChatGPT on Android, along with access to chatbot abilities, picture generation from DALL-E3, and the facility to draft text for emails and documents as well. Noticeably, it is also delivering free access to the latest GPT-4 model of OpenAI, but in this scenario, if you are using ChatGPT, then you have to pay.

Microsoft first rebranded Bing Chat to Copilot, and then, after a while, it launched the Copilot application for Android. It initially debuted its AI push in the first quarter of this year inside its Bing search engine, integrating an interface like ChatGPT within search results. However, Microsoft has shot down the Bing Chat branding and permitted Copilot to be more of a standalone experience that also exists on its own specific domain over at, pretty similar to ChatGPT.

The catchable fact is that no sign of an iOS version of Copilot has been spotted yet. Whereas the debut of the smartphone application for Copilot appears to be an incredible tool for expanding the ways of the Copilot experience, specifically as Bing Chat Enterprise was also rebranded to just Copilot.