Google Messages’ New Feature: Background Wallpapers for RCS Chats

An even more noticeable method to identify your RCS chats on the Google Messages app appears to be coming soon. Google Messages has already been testing a few new techniques to make it easier to tell which of your discussions are using RCS. According to 9to5Google, Google Messages for RCS talks will soon feature a new background wallpaper to distinguish them from the typical SMS/MMS discussions on the messaging app.

By adding a personal touch to your interactions, this tool improves the visual experience. You may use this tool to add personality and vitality to your RCS chats, regardless of your preference for a bright background or a minimalist style. The striking new wallpaper uses dynamic color to provide an appealing appearance while highlighting overlapping circles and bubbles that identify RCS communications. The compose field and message bubbles stand out, especially because of the visual differentiator.

Reports indicate that the design is more obvious with a light theme, but becomes more subdued and less evident with a dark theme. The screenshots that have been shared seem to follow the same trend at this point in the test or rollout. Maybe in the future, Google will provide a collection of several designs, or perhaps it will create them dynamically for something truly special. Messages might interpret this in a variety of ways, one of which would be to synchronize the backdrop with the dialogue partner.

Google should also add a feature to completely disable it. Launched in tandem with Google’s unveiling of the Custom Bubbles feature, which will let users choose from nine different colors, is the RCS chat backdrop wallpaper. Along with other expressive features, Google mentioned this customization option earlier this month, but it hasn’t been made available yet.