Google Messages may allow you to edit sent messages

In order to compete with popular messaging services like Telegram and WhatsApp, Google is developing a new feature for its Messages application. By including features like support for HDR photos, the business hopes to increase the attractiveness of RCS (Rich Communication Services). It appears that Google is developing further features for the messaging app nonetheless. There were signs of message editing capability in the most recent Google Messages beta software, which was made available in November.

Four newly added flags to the Google Messages codebase were discovered during the APK teardown:





The first flag points towards turning on the editing user interface for the message we wish to modify. The second warning pertains to loading the message database’s edit history. The fourth indicator indicates that the modified message is being processed for the user who is receiving it, while the third flag appears to have to do with processing the changed message once a user modifies it. Note that, as this functionality is currently under development, turning on these flags has no effect at this time.

Other useful features that Google recently added to Messages include the option to establish a profile with a photo and phone number, as well as the ability to transform photographs into replies. Text message bubbles can also have their color changed by users, with blue being one such option. RCS does not, by default, provide message editing. Additionally, end-to-end encryption was not included, but Google nevertheless carried it out. 

Since message editing functions somewhat similarly to message reactions, it is probable that it will be included in the RCS standard. Thus, obtaining it won’t be a tough task. Apple also declared that it would collaborate with Google to work on RCS.

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