Android Auto now adopts phone’s wallpaper with latest update

After getting so much criticism, Google is finally working on some good features and improvements for Android Auto users. In the last few weeks, the company has introduced some new utility options for the users, such as Google Assistant AI for summarizing messages and new changes for status and app icons. Now it is taking this further with the wallpaper sync feature.

With the wallpaper sync feature, users will be able to get the same wallpaper on the car screen that is already set in the smartphones. This will not take any extra steps to set because the company has introduced the feather with the default activated; however, you can have the option to turn it off.

It is worth noticing that the new feature is coming separately; it doesn’t have any relation to any specific version, but for your information, it was previously spotted in development in version 10.7 via 9to5Google.

The latest feature for wallpaper sync doesn’t come with any advanced customization options for users; it only syncs with the wallpaper that is currently in use on the phone, which is connected to the infotainment system. It also has some limitations, like the fact that you cannot use live wallpaper or any special wallpaper for the auto screen. It will fill the gap in the wallpaper library, which was introduced back in 2021 and is now removed.

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