Galaxy Wearable App broken in Samsung and Pixel device

Samsung Galaxy Watches are one of the top gadgets among the other devices. The company has offered several utilities in its watches that are available to provide seamless services for the users. The most important thing about watches is that the Korean giant hasn’t limited the accessibility of the watches to Galaxy devices, but they can be used with any smartphones. But for a few days, users have been unable to take advantage of the seamless connection of Galaxy watches with Pixel devices and Samsung devices.

According to the reports shared by several users on Reddit, they are unable to get proper functioning of Galaxy watches with their pixel smartphones; more specifically, some users are saying that since they have installed the January 2024 security patch on their smartphones, Galaxy watches are not staying connected with the smartphones. It is worth mentioning that the issue is not only limited to any one Galaxy watch but is observed on all three wearOS-powered smartwatches.

The same problem is also observed on Galaxy smartphones. Going into details, it looks like the main problem is related to the Galaxy Wearable application, which plays the main role in connecting the Galaxy watches to the smartphones. Some users also claim to have a solution to get rid of it, just by setting the date back to 2023, but it is a temporary solution.

To fix this problem, we are depending on Samsung to release a new update for the Galaxy wearable application so it can be optimized with the January 2024 security patch, or it may also provide server-side updates to the plugins for every watch. However, there has been no response from Samsung yet, so we don’t have any information about when this problem will be addressed.

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