Android Auto’s Google Map shows 3D buildings during navigation

For some time now, Google Maps has allowed users to view buildings in three dimensions. However, the app is now testing the feature of displaying these structures while navigation on both Android Auto and the mobile app. It is necessary to activate a layer in Google Maps for 3D buildings to show up by default. In both urban and rural settings, buildings seem to have three dimensions. They haven’t, however, shown during navigation since their inception. According to certain users, the Google Maps program for iOS and Android devices now displays 3D buildings while navigating.

Source – 9to5Google

To make this work, you need to significantly zoom in and activate the 3D view before starting navigation. Interestingly, you have to enable a layer within the program to allow 3D construction functionally; it wasn’t enabled by default. Every building in a metropolis or smaller region appears in three dimensions. But as of right now, the app is starting to display 3D buildings when navigating. This view also appears to be seen in Google Maps on Android Auto for a smaller number of users.

Several sources in their test have been able to view 3D buildings on phones, so this is not the case with Android Auto. Nevertheless, a few Reddit users saw the 3D structures using Google Maps, turning translucent when they obstructed the path. However, things are in the testing phase now, and there is no saying when they will be available to everyone generally. It is important to note that several users got a look at this feature back in mid-December. Compared to then, the feature has expanded, and we can expect this to expand more.

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