Spotify getting crashed, user are unable to open it after beta update

Spotify is one of the most popular applications among music lovers. Due to its all-new user-friendly functionality, several users have enrolled in the beta program, hoping to get exclusive new features earlier, but with the latest version, several users are facing the app crashing problem when they open it.

This is the second time that the application has had the same issue. Due to this, users are not able to enjoy their favourite content, whether it is music, podcasts, or audiobooks. When the user tries to open it, the application doesn’t react and gets stuck there. The issue is limited to the latest version, which is v8.9.2.169 beta. (via- 9to5google)

So users can easily get rid of this issue, then you can try some classic techniques like clearing cache data or reinstalling the application, but in case these don’t work, then one of the temporary solutions will be to sideload the older version of the application. You can try any of the versions that come before the current version; you can check all the versions here and also install them.

Alternatively, you can also go for the stable update of the application; to do that, you just need to uninstall the application, then go to the Play Store, leave the beta program, and download the stable update. We hope that the company will soon release a new update for the stability of the app’s functioning to address the crushing issue.

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