Samsung Unveils “Designed for Samsung Gaming Hub” Program for Accessories

With the announcement of its “Designed for Samsung Gaming Hub” program, Samsung has stated that details will be revealed at CES 2024. To allow other businesses to create and market peripherals that work with the Samsung Gaming Hub, a third-party collaboration program is being launched. One of the things it announced was its collaboration with Performance Designed Products (PDP), a partner in gaming accessories. Designed specifically for the Samsung Gaming Hub, PDP is the first third-party partner to launch a product with an official license.

The “Designed for Samsung Gaming Hub” label, which indicates that the product has been tested for quality, performance, safety, and security on Samsung devices, will start to appear to gamers this year. No matter what Samsung device to play on that is supported, accessories with this badge ensure the greatest possible game streaming experience on Samsung Gaming Hub.

Although the PDP Replay’s official release date has not yet been announced by the firm, you may pre-order it now for $50. In the meantime, Samsung’s CES exhibit will include both Gaming Hubs on the new controller. The first device to be “Designed for Samsung Gaming Hub,” the “Replay Midnight Blue” wireless controller from PDP, was also unveiled by Samsung today. The manufacturer claims that the built-in battery of the new controller provides up to 40 hours of playback for the Replay Wireless Controller. The low-latency Bluetooth communication of the PDP also has a 30-foot range.

The Samsung gaming hub features a home button that instantly launches the gaming hub, an intuitive TV volume control button, and more. At the Samsung stand at CES, gamers can get a closer look at the “Replay Midnight Blue.” Pre-orders for the control can now be placed on the PDP website,, and

Jiho Ha, Head of Service Partnerships Group at Samsung Electronics, said, “Samsung recognizes the indispensable role of accessories in elevating gaming experiences. Building on our already-high level of compatibility, the ‘Designed for Samsung Gaming Hub’ program will see us collaborating with trusted partners to craft accessories that further enhance the premier experience of the Samsung Gaming Hub.”

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