Samsung Sweeps CES 2024 Innovation Awards with Product Wins

By winning many CES 2024 Innovation Awards in a variety of product categories, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has once again demonstrated its status as a global leader in technology. This shows Samsung’s dedication to creating goods and services that offer cutting-edge, market-leading technology while reimagining the future. The most anticipated CES 2024 event will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, from January 9th–12th. Mobile, TV, audio, projectors, monitors, and home appliances are all the product categories that Samsung has won at.

With these honors, Samsung has gained more recognition from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) for its dedication to creating goods and services that challenge preconceived notions about the future. They also portend good things to come, as the firm is keen to expand on its goal of creating a world that is smarter and more sustainable and will introduce even more ground-breaking inventions in the upcoming year.

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Samsung has been honored for its innovation in most selected products

  1. Galaxy Z Fold 5:
  • A standout folding smartphone with pro-level photographic capabilities and clever performance is the Galaxy Z Fold 5, one of the award-winning devices.
  • The new Flex Hinge facilitates a smooth transition, and the FlexCam offers hands-free shooting from unusual perspectives.
  1. Galaxy Watch 6:
  • The thoughtful design, improved mobile experience, and personalized health advice won awards.
  • In order to give consumers more control over their general well-being, Samsung wants to democratize sophisticated fitness and health tracking technologies.
  1. Galaxy Buds FE:
  • Samsung’s Galaxy Buds FE headphones and personal audio system won awards for combining user feedback into design and functionality to offer fantastic features at an affordable price.
  • Advanced active noise cancellation (ANC), crisper calls, and an ergonomic design with varying-sized ear cushions and wing tips ensure comfort and security while using the device.
  1. Samsung Health:
  • Samsung Health won an award in the category of mobile devices, accessories, and applications for giving consumers new tools.
  • Enhance their lives with real-time activity analysis, always-on safety features, and customized sleep coaching through personalized wellness information.
  1. Samsung Food:
  • Through AI technology, Samsung Food maximizes the advantages that consumers get from Samsung applications, smart home appliances, and gadgets.
  • Also, this app provides access to culinary communities and personalized recipe recommendations based on nutritional objectives.
  1. Less Microfiber Filter:
  • This washing machine filter, which was recognized in the Sustainability category,
  • The quantity of microfibers that would normally fill eight 500-ml plastic bottles a year can be decreased by using a washing machine with a filter four times a week.
  • The filter has built-in Wi-Fi, so customers can monitor its condition on the SmartThings app and even get cleaning or replacement notifications.
  1. SmartThings Energy:
  • SmartThings Energy is a winner in the Smart Home category.
  • The new Carbon Intensity Awareness gives users insight into carbon intensity and local energy generation.
  • It also automatically modifies devices registered in demand response programs.
  1. Exynos Connect U100:
  • Was recognized in the Embedded Technologies category.
  • It comes as an ultra-wideband (UWB) solution that offers extremely precise distance and position information for mobile, automotive, and IoT devices.
  • Delivers single-digit centimeter accuracy and under five-degree precision using combined time of arrival (ToA) and 3D angle of arrival (AoA) measurements.

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