Samsung SmartThings Partners with Eve Systems for a Brighter Future

Samsung has a plethora of different devices that come with different usability features. Smart Things is also one of them, which comes with multiple functions to manage smart home devices. You can easily control them and also make several customizations, and it also helps you save electricity by automatically turning off the devices if there is no need. Now leveling up, the energy management company has joined hands with Eve Systems.

On the other hand, Eve Systems is also a home-based device maker that builds connected home devices with the primary aim of making high-standard devices that can provide more comfort, safety, and energy efficiency. Now, with the new partnership, Samsung is all set to evolve its SmartThings energy management capabilities and enhance its ability to manage energy consumption.

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According to the plan, the main goal of the partnership is to unify standards for smart home connectivity. It will make a product that will be able to monitor the power usage of the connected devices. For instance, users can track an appliance like a kitchen grinder to calculate power usage and monthly costs. This will surely expand awareness among the users about how they can be more efficient in their energy consumption.

In this partnership, the head of SmartThings US, Mark Benson, said, ““In a world where smart homes are becoming increasingly complex, our mission at SmartThings is to make it simple for users to manage their devices and reduce energy consumption, and this integration of the Eve Energy Plug into the SmartThings ecosystem is a major step toward that goal—empowering consumers with the data they need to make the most energy-efficient decisions.

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