Samsung Galaxy S24 Lacks this Major capability

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series is the next addition to Samsung’s flagship S series, which is potentially arriving in the 1st quarter of 2024. Regardless of the series of certain leaks and rumors about all the models within the Galaxy S24 lineup, users can expect the most innovative and interesting enhancements, from including new generative AI capabilities to introducing models with titanium frames.

Although Samsung has showcased several impressive features and technologies within its Galaxy smartphones, the only disappointing factor is that none of Samsung’s smartphones support the capability of wireless charging.

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Hence, taking it into consideration, several other smartphone manufacturers have already started boosting their smartphones with the wireless charging capability, and now it’s time for Samsung to enter the era of sporting the wireless charging feature into its Galaxy devices.

It’s worth noting that Samsung offered 15W wireless charging support for the Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone for the first time in 2018 and has not turned back to it. Among these years, other smartphone brands have already showcased how fast they have been pushing the wireless charging feature to their respective smartphones, while on the other hand, Samsung has not shown any interest.

On the S23, third-party chargers are limited to a speed of 10W. This move is similar to what Apple does, where it doesn’t matter how good or safe the charger is – if it’s not made by Samsung, your wireless charging will be slower.

It’s interesting to know that Apple is changing its rules too. With Apple, using a non-certified charger won’t slow down USB-C or Qi2-certified wireless chargers. Although regular Qi charging is still capped at 7.5W, it’s a significant change for Apple. Hopefully, Samsung takes note of this. If you’ve used a 10W wireless charger, you might know how slow it can be. This isn’t ideal for a top-notch phone that costs between $700 and $1,200.

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