Threads teaser reveals Europe launch date

Meta is ready to come with a Christmas gift for European users in the form of threads. To make its advertisement, the company has prepared a teaser that also has the exact date of the launch of the application in Europe.

Before going into details, let’s understand what threads are. They are an X (Twitter)-like platform that is developed by Meta to provide a whole new experience for users to share their views about any topic. The company introduced the application to several parts of the world back in July, but it didn’t go live in the European Union. Now it is fully prepared to launch its services in the EU region as well.

To make a wide reach, the company has released the teaser on Instagram, which is available through an Easter egg that appears when users are searching for tickets. The teaser is approximately the same as what appeared at the time of the original launch.

In the teaser, there is a ticket that has all the details about the launch, such as the date,which is December 14, and the time, which is 12 PM. As far as the features of threads are concerned, the company has promised to give fresh features to its users to encourage them to use their platform instead of Twitter.

And to keep its promise, the company has already started rolling out new functionality for the users. For example,  earlier today, the company introduced a new feature called ‘Tags’, which is a similar type of hashtag that helps organize the topics but is not identical to that. For more information, you can check out the dedicated article.

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