Instagram’s Older Videos Lose Audio in Technical Bug

There is an issue revolving around Instagram that poses major difficulties for the users: the disappearance of music files from the older videos that were posted by the users. By deeply analyzing the issue, it was found that the videos that were posted before early 2014 were the ones that were seriously affected. Although the root cause of the issue is unknown, it appears that audio is no longer present in videos uploaded between June 2013 and October 2014. Instagram introduced the video posting feature during the month of June 2013.

Now, you may think this issue only affects mobile users, but this isn’t the case, as the issue is found regardless of the platform: desktop, iOS, or Android. The audio isn’t functioning while playing the video. Also, it looks like Instagram is having trouble with this rather than copyrighted audio removal issues, as it appears to impact the majority of videos during that time frame, if not all of them. Sam Sheffer shared one of his videos that was posted by him at the time when Instagram launched the feature. 

The audio disappears when viewed through the app; otherwise, the audio is found when viewed directly. This is a great loss for users who preserved the videos as a part of their memorable moments. Users who have been affected by this issue have shared their thoughts on Reddit, and this made it clear that the issue started a year ago. A user on Reddit said in June, “I recently lost a good friend of mine and have videos of us on [Instagram] that I would like to hear him in.”

Meta officially responded from its side, saying that they are aware of the issue and the disappointment that the users are facing because of it. Soon, the business will be coming up with a solution for this issue, but the exact time frame has not yet been announced. Spokesperson Seine Kim said to the source, The Verge, “We’re aware that a bug caused some people to have trouble accessing audio on older feed posts. The issue is being resolved, and we apologize for the inconvenience.”

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