Apple TV+ and Paramount+ Considering Bundle Offer for Subscribers

Apple and Paramount Global could be the newest media and technology businesses to get involved in the streaming service package market. The Wall Street Journal reported on December 1st that Apple and Paramount Global had discussed combining their streaming services, Apple TV+ and Paramount+. The plan is to bring it at a lower cost than if consumers subscribed to each one separately. The early stage of the discussions means that details like cost and availability are still unknown.

A Paramount spokesman contacted by PYMNTS declined to comment on the findings. To PYMNTS’s request for a comment, Apple did not respond right away. When it came to several of its subscription-based services, Apple said in October that it was raising the costs. Apple TV+ annual subscriptions now cost $99 instead of $69 for individuals who pay on a yearly basis. Earlier, the service cost $6.99 per month, but it was raised to $9.99, an increase of $3. However, the source claims that Paramount hiked the cost of the ad-free tier and opted to merge the two into one new package called Paramount+.

Prior to this, the firm offered a bundle consisting of Showtime and Paramount+. A survey published in August revealed that streaming services accounted for 38.7% of all TV use in the United States in July, recording record viewership levels. On the other hand, cable and conventional broadcast combined lost viewers for the first time, falling below 50% of the total.

Research company Antenna claimed in May that Apple TV+ had about 20 million customers. But Apple has not disclosed subscriber or revenue data for the service.

Despite being unrelated to the company’s primary goods, like phones and laptops, Apple TV+ is a component of its services division, which is growing more and more important to its business plan. In their desire for partnerships, Paramount and Apple are not alone. Warner Bros. Discovery is thinking of combining Netflix and its Max service into a limited-edition offering for Verizon customers. Disney, on the other hand, provides a discount to customers who sign up for its three owned streaming services: Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+.

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