GTA 6 Drops its First Trailer, Confirms 2025 Release on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S

There is no doubt that Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is the most loved gaming application among everyone. The sixth edition of the game, GTA 6, is all set to be released and will have greater graphics and an improved experience than GTA 5. Rockstar Games was officially supposed to launch the trailer for the game on December 5, 2023, at 9:00 a.m. ET, as per the announcement from them on the 1st of December, but things got quite nasty as the one-minute and thirty-second trailer was leaked on the X platform.

However, the American video game company took quick action by suspending the account that leaked the trailer. After that, Rockstar Games officially launched the video on their YouTube site for viewers. The first GTA 6 teaser is now breaking YouTube audience records. Reportedly, the non-music video has amassed over 78 million views in a single day on YouTube. All these moves show the craze of the game, whose launch date is too far from now. Yes, you heard it right. GTA 6 will be arriving two years from now, that is, in 2025.

Experience a new world of Vice City in GTA 6:

The largest, most immersive Grand Theft Auto series to date, Grand Theft Auto VI takes players to the state of Leonida, home to Vice City’s neon-lit streets and beyond. Although Rockstar Games has previously stated that it is working on the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game, this is the first time we’ve heard any kind of information on what to anticipate. The trailer seems to confirm that the rumors about GTA VI, including a male and female protagonist, were true as well.

The female character seems to be an ex-con, and there are a number of videos in the game that resemble TikTok and Instagram Reel content, so it appears that there is some sort of in-game social media. In addition to the Leonida wetlands and a joke about Florida Man, the trailer showcases Vice City, Rockstar’s interpretation of Miami. All in all, the trailer looks no less than a live-action film. Rockstar Games said in a press release that Grand Theft Auto 6 will launch on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X in 2025. As the debut approaches, Rockstar Games will likely disclose an official release date.

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