Samsung Wallet Now Stores Driver’s Licenses in Arizona, USA

A couple of months ago, Samsung shared the news that folks using Samsung Wallet in the US can now put their driver’s license on the app. Now it’s official: if you’re in Arizona, USA, you can add your driver’s license to the Samsung Wallet app on a Samsung device that supports it.

It is now possible to use Samsung Wallet at TSA checkpoints that accept it by adding your state ID or driver’s license. You can access your Samsung Wallet instead of removing your actual ID and giving it to a TSA officer. Use a TSA digital identity reader to authenticate yourself, and then tap or swipe. It is easy, secure, quick, and convenient. At TSA checkpoints in airports that participate, Samsung Wallet is presently usable. There will always be more states and airport locations added. The digital ID in Samsung Wallet saves information on the device itself and conforms to ISO standards for mDLs.

Owners of licenses are totally in charge of what information they want to divulge to interested parties. Users can only reveal their birthday, for example, when making an age-restricted purchase. Users of Samsung Wallet can submit their card by going to the digital ID future located under the app’s fast access page, then following the instructions to upload their face biometrics and card to confirm their identity. After finishing, customers can protect their cards by authenticating with a PIN or fingerprint. Your Samsung Wallet is safe with Samsung Knox on your Galaxy phone, requiring a fingerprint or PIN to access. Your state ID or driver’s license contains encrypted personal data.

Users can access their state IDs using their fingerprint or PIN through the Samsung Wallet app, which is protected by Samsung Knox. The software displays a virtual driver’s license or other state ID, along with the user’s pertinent data and a QR code that the authorities can scan. The software combines Samsung Pass and Samsung Pay to create the Samsung Wallet. It enables users to pay with their phones, pay with shop credit cards, access official paperwork, digital keys for cars and smart locks, health passes, gift cards, coupons, tickets, boarding permits, and even cryptocurrency. Despite the acceptance of their digital ID at certain TSA security checkpoints in airports, including Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, residents of Arizona should still carry a physical copy of their ID for other situations, such as when they are approached by law enforcement.

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