Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro and Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro serve up durability in the hospitality industry

Samsung’s ruggedized Galaxy Rugged series includes the Galaxy Tab Active 4 Pro and Galaxy XCover 6 Pro, designed to withstand rough working conditions. These gadgets are the perfect technological solutions for industries like construction, transportation, manufacturing, and more because of their IP68 classification and military-grade resilience to endure water, dust, drops, and knocks. De Mello Coffee Roasters, a Toronto-based, award-winning specialty coffee roastery, put Galaxy Rugged equipment to the test.

De Mello Coffee:

Established in 2013, De Mello Coffee manages four of its own cafes in the Greater Toronto Area, in addition to providing excellent coffee and baked goods to many other cafes in the city. Jaimee, the head roaster of De Mello Coffee, and Neo, the warehouse manager, provided feedback on how the Galaxy XCover6 Pro and Galaxy Tab Active 4 Pro fared in a hospitality context following a trial period during which they used the devices in their roastery, warehouse, and kitchen.

A particular staff member from the cafe revealed the usage of rugged Galaxy phones in their environment:

Their office heat, kitchen flour and coffee grinds, chilly temps, and personnel who are constantly moving around expose our gadgets to a variety of environmental conditions. Our preference is for fairly rugged gadgets, and these performed incredibly well in the following scenarios:

Roastery :

  • The roasting machine can reach temperatures of 240 degrees Celsius during the daily coffee roasting process, while the afterburner can reach temperatures of 999 degrees Celsius.
  • The equipment operated perfectly, even though it was close to a lot of heat.
  • The gadgets worked well even when placed on top of the coffee bag sealing machines, which produce a significant amount of heat.


  • Coffee and flour particles make the space in the warehouse, where green coffee beans are kept in hessian bags, rather dusty.
  • In order to reach goods kept on high shelves, workers frequently have to climb ladders.
  • Even with the possibility of unintentional drops and dust buildup, the gadgets remained intact.

Kitchen :

  • In addition to heat, the kitchen must refrigerate dough and ingredients.
  • Additionally, the devices showed that they could withstand the cold.
  • An employee once made the error of leaving their equipment in the refrigerator overnight.
  • Remarkably, the durability, screen, and battery all stayed the same.

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