Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra European pricing leaked

With the much-awaited Galaxy S24 series coming out just a few weeks away, anticipation is growing due to rumors circulating about the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus, and Galaxy S24 Ultra. There have been a lot of intriguing leaks on the possible features and looks of the next models.

The cost of these phones, however, has been an important detail absent until lately. Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24+ costs in Europe could be a little less than anticipated. The Galaxy S24 Ultra costs slightly more. The base Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ will be less expensive than their predecessors, as per the source, Galaxy Club reported.

The two basic variants are reportedly €50 less expensive. The Galaxy S24 may retail for 899 euros, if the source is accurate. And for the Galaxy S24 Plus, the starting price would start at around 1,149 euros. The starting price of the Galaxy S24 Ultra might be 1,449 euros. It’s crucial to remember that Samsung has a different pricing strategy in the US than it does in the EU, and GalaxyClub did not have information on US prices. The price of the 128GB Galaxy S24 is €899. And the 256GB variant costs around €959.

Starting at €1149, the 256GB Galaxy S24+ variant and the 512GB variant are priced at €1269. Last year, the S23+ was available for €1199, while this year, the S23 128GB is predicted to retail for €949. The ultra variant seems to have the name of being the expensive variant. The same sources state that the price of the Galaxy S24 Ultra with 256GB is €1449. According to the same sources, the S24 Ultra of this year is expected to come with 12GB of RAM as standard. You will soon have to spend €1569 for an S24 Ultra with 512GB. The models are about the same price for the same amount of RAM.

It is noteworthy that the initial price of the Samsung Galaxy S23 was €949 in Europe, while the starting price of the Galaxy S23+ was €1,199. Speaking about the Galaxy S23 Ultra, the 256GB model cost €1,399 when it was first released in February of this year. Information regarding the price range in other regions may be out eventually.

Galaxy S24 Series European Price

Galaxy S24:

  • 128 GB variant: 899 euros
  • 256 GB variant: 959 euros

Galaxy S24+:

  • 256 GB variant: 1149 euros
  • 512 GB variant: 1269 euros

Galaxy S24 Ultra:

  • 256 GB variant: 1449 euros
  • 512 GB variant: 1569 euros
  • 1 TB variant: 1809 euros

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