Samsung launches “Samsung Everywhere,” all service and care offerings to Canadians

Samsung presents “Samsung Everywhere,” a new initiative from Samsung Canada that unifies all of the services and support available to Canadians nationwide, allowing them to swiftly address their problems and return to what really matters. Canadians may get fast service in a fashion that suits them and fits easily into a busy lifestyle because of Samsung’s dedication to simple, easy, and frictionless service. With Samsung’s easy, practical, and frictionless service, clients in Canada can feel secure knowing that the company is always there to support them.

Samsung brings a few services to Canadian individuals:

Round-the-clock remote assistance:

  • Samsung provides 24/7 remote chat support with a specialist to address any difficulties that consumers want assistance with, all at a speed that fits into a busy schedule.
  • Visit to obtain live chat support, or download the Samsung Members app.

Indoor Fixtures:

  • By scheduling an in-home visit online, Samsung provides customers of its home appliances with a convenient way to get prompt servicing.
  • Canadians may also schedule a technician service experience under the Samsung brand, when a technician will come to their home and fix their appliances expertly.
  • This service is available depending on where in the country you live.
  • When using only original Samsung components, 95% of repairs are completed during the same visit.

Service for Visual Assistance:

  • Technical product experts from Samsung can examine a customer’s appliance through the camera on the device using Samsung’s simple and user-friendly Visual Support Service.
  • This allows the expert to visually evaluate the problem, get additional information from the customer, and offer recommendations for how to proceed.
  • This includes chat support, text support, online shopping, smartThings support, Samsung Care+ support, and email support.

Best Customer Service Award for Samsung:

As the 2023 International Customer Experience Awards’ Best Customer Service winner, Samsung Service is honored to have been recognized on a worldwide scale. The Awards honor the noteworthy initiatives of international companies that are front-runners in customer satisfaction.

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