Samsung TV Plus Expands Exclusive Conan O’Brien TV in Australia, Canada and New Zealand

After the debut of Conan O’Brien TV on Samsung TV Plus in the regions of the United States, now Samsung Electronics America and Conan O’Brien have announced the channel’s access to three international countries, including Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, as of yesterday, December 13, featuring programming from the Emmy Award-winning show “CONAN.” Extending its reach internationally is Samsung TV Plus’s unique free Conan O’Brien TV channel.

Customers of Samsung TV Plus in the United States were able to access the free, ad-supported streaming channel in May, which showcases O’Brien’s numerous celebrity interviews, sketches, and other programs. Currently, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand will have access to the channel. Popular sketches starring Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and Clueless Gamer will be available for viewers to watch, along with celebrity interviews with actors like Jon Hamm, Tom Hanks, Kevin Hart, Gal Godot, Kate McKinnon, and Martha Stewart.

Along with this, cameos from sidekicks Andy Richter, Jordan Schlansky, and Sona Movsesian are also accessible. With around 2,500 channels available in 24 countries, Samsung TV Plus has been gaining popularity quickly. The service’s goal is to break down boundaries and offer a wide range of programs to a multicultural audience worldwide, and its most recent action reflects that goal. Exclusive to Samsung TV Plus, Conan O’Brien TV is a part of Samsung’s free, ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) and video-on-demand (AVOD) offerings, which provide over 2,500 channels and thousands of TV episodes and films to consumers on over 535 million active devices worldwide.

The most recent illustration of how free, ad-supported streaming services are changing the way we watch television is Conan O’Brien TV. The emergence of so-called fast-food services, such as Samsung TV Plus, Roku Channel, and Pluto, mimics a cable lineup by offering live feeds and established channels. However, because of the versatility of streaming, these platforms may design unique channels that appeal to certain interests, such as Fear Factor or Antique Roadshow.

Jeff Ross, Executive Producer, said, “We are thrilled to expand our exclusive partnership and provide the Conan O’Brien TV FAST channel to Samsung consumers in new markets. Samsung TV Plus is a staple in the global FAST marketplace and has demonstrated itself as the ideal partner to deliver some of Conan’s most iconic moments to new and loyal fans.”

Takashi Nakano, Senior Director of Content and Business Development, Samsung TV Plus, said, Consumers today want premium entertainment content, and that is our mission at Samsung TV Plus. With the successful launch of the Conan O’Brien TV channel in the U.S., it was instrumental that we expand the reach of our quality entertainment. We are honored to continue working with innovative and creative partners like Conan to provide laughs, fun, and entertainment to Samsung TV Plus consumers across the globe.”