Samsung TV Plus’s New Update Revamped Home Page and Experience

Samsung Electronics has released a new version of Samsung TV Plus, the popular free streaming TV service with ads supported (FAST). The most recent iteration of Samsung TV Plus brings new features and improvements to the user interface (UI), with the goal of improving the user experience (UX) and expediting content discovery. This upgrade includes 2500+ channels and has been implemented in all 24 countries where Samsung TV Plus is offered. Enhanced content categories, a customized home page, and sophisticated recommendation algorithms are among the updates.

UI Changeover:

Together with the list of frequently seen and popular titles, the revamped homepage of the Samsung TV Plus update offers a summary of the material that is accessible for watching. Newly added categories include Live TV, movies, and TV shows. Music, Kids and Settings, and more are situated on the left side of the main page in the redesigned user interface. A wide variety of information is available in each area and is always simple to find. Furthermore, to accommodate various market demands, region-specific tabs have been introduced depending on user preferences and each region’s content catalog:

  • New Zealand, Australia, and the United States music tabs
  • American, European, Brazilian, Mexican, and Indian kids tabs
  • India’s news tab offers multilingual support.

Users can now more quickly browse through an ever-expanding collection of TV channels, all thanks to the redesign interface’s big user interface components, which also facilitate browsing. To effortlessly access their favorite channels in one location at the top of the channel guide, users may also connect to their Samsung accounts.

Video on Demand (VOD) feature:

The most recent upgrade increases Samsung TV Plus’s functionality and Video on Demand (VOD) selection. Now that VOD is accessible through the channel guide, viewers may instantly watch certain shows without having to wait for a particular episode to air on the channel. Users may find information that suits their interests with the help of the new “More Like This” function, which suggests content based on what they have previously viewed.

Yonghoon Choi, Executive Vice President of the Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, said,Over the past year, we have witnessed a 60% increase in global viewing time on Samsung TV V Plus testament to the platform’s expansive content library and user-friendly design. We will continue to evolve and enhance our services to provide a more intuitive and enjoyable viewing experience for our users.”

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