Samsung Galaxy A53 & A34 Also Joins the List of Getting Galaxy Enhance-X app

Samsung has confirmed that after making the Galaxy Enhance-X app available a couple of days ago for Galaxy A54 5G, two more devices, including the Galaxy A34 and A53 will now be eligible for the Enhance-X application, as both the smartphones have already received the latest One UI 6, which is based on Android 14.

A few weeks ago, Samsung has clearly stated that Galaxy Enhance-X app support would be arriving to the Galaxy A series smartphones running One UI 6, one out which was Galaxy A54 that has already received the support. 

With that, since the Galaxy A34 has been successfully updated to Android 14 in some selected regions, the Galaxy A34 users can now be able to experience the Galaxy Enhance-X app by downloading it from the Galaxy Store, alongside getting the Enhance-X app support for Galaxy A53 smartphone. However, since there’s no official confirmation from Samsung, whether the 2022 Galaxy A series smartphone models would be eligible or not.

Furthermore, it might be the possibility that Samsung could bring the Enhance-X app support to other smartphones within its A series, however, it can only be assumed that the Galaxy A33 might get the Enhance-X app support, as it’s currently running on One UI 5.1 based Android 13. 

Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X app is an intuitive AI-Powered Tool, which can easily enhance and make our pictures a Pro-like edit with just a single tap. Although it will be exciting to see which smartphones are going to support the application. 

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Thanks to “SamMobile