Samsung One UI Home Update Improves Widget Animation and Overall Experience

Good news for Samsung Galaxy smartphone users! The latest update to Samsung’s One UI Home launcher app brings a host of improvements, including smoother widget animations and an overall more refined user experience.

Samsung One UI Home is the basic launcher that has grabbed several new functionalities with every new One UI iteration. For instance, you can use full-screen gestures on the home screen, as well as hide the navigation buttons at the bottom of the home screen. This also gives you the functionality to quickly switch between apps using gestures.

Samsung One UI Home Launcher Update Fixed Widget Animation Issue

We’ve all experienced those occasional janky widget animations where the widgets seem to jump or stutter when opening or closing. With this new update, Samsung has fixed those issues and has put in the effort to make widget animations smoother and more consistent, providing a more seamless and enjoyable experience.

But it’s not just about the widgets animation. Furthermore, we have enhanced the overall user experience. Optimizing the app has made it more responsive and enjoyable to use, with faster performance and smoother transitions.

One UI 6 and Android 14 is the first major OS update for these Galaxy devices

In addition to these performance improvements, the update also includes a number of bug fixes and stability enhancements.

Recently, Samsung has introduced the One UI 6 update for Galaxy devices, which has brought some issues to the home screen. Expect the update to fix these issues, so update the application to the latest version if you are experiencing any problems.

The latest version of Samsung One UI Home is now available to download, as this is only designed for Galaxy devices, so it can’t be used on other Android devices. If you are using any Samsung device, then you can easily install the latest update from the Galaxy Store. Alternatively, you can also sideload the application from an external source.

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