One UI 6 and Android 14 is the first major OS update for these Galaxy devices

The One UI 6 is the latest major update for Galaxy devices. With the latest update, the company has introduced several new features and improvements. In detail, it will bring a lot of new enhancements, which you will find in the existing functions such as Camera and Gallery.

It will give you a lot of new functionality that makes it more convenient to use and adds more utility options for users. Additionally, the company has made a bunch of changes to the UI, for example, Quick Panel, so it can provide a whole new experience for the users.

Whenever you update the device with a major update, it also brings you some new changes that enhance the protection of the devices. For example, with the latest One UI update, it has provided an option called Auto Blocker, which will protect your device from external threats.

So if you also want all these features on your devices, then you have to check whether your device is eligible to get the One UI 6 update or not. To find it, you can check out our previous article containing all the eligible devices. Here in this article, we are sharing the list of devices that will get the first major update, One UI 6.

These Galaxy devices will first receive a major update to One UI 6.

For your information, most of the devices have already grabbed the One UI 6 update, but they are limited to some countries. To find out more, you can tap on the link that is attached with the names of the respective devices.

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